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Happy New Year!
Eldonna Lay joined the El Cajon Rotary club on January 3rd for a wonderful walk through the past.  Eldonna provided several pictures and spoke about the past redevelopment of the Downtown El Cajon area.
Words To Lead By...!
A Leader is...
A Dealer in Hope!
Next Week
Join us to hear all about the USS Midway Museum at our next meeting on Tuesday, January 10th , 2017. 
What Happened At Our Club Meetings in December 2016
Club members and guests began our meetings at Noon socializing and catching up with one another...
Norma was a very good girl in 2016 and Santa knows it!
Only smiling faces at the El Cajon Rotary Club!
Tim and Dick enjoying a little cheer with Santa
Santa stops by to wish Dana and Alison a very Merry Christmas!
We all enjoyed a great laugh as David received a "Gift" of Training Wheels for his cane from Stu.  Happily, David is way past the need for the training wheels at this point in his recovery.  In fact, his doctor just gave him the go-ahead to get back on the bike.  Easy boy!
We enjoyed a visit from the Performing Arts group at Greenfield Middle School at our meeting on December 13th.  We were treated to several Christmas Carols by the talented group.
Today's (January 3rd) Announcements and Happy $5's
  • Sheryl Minshew - Sheryl announced that anyone who would like to be a greeter for the International Assmebly need to register on the District web site.
  • Birthdays - 
    • Shirley Simmons and Monica Zech both on January 22nd.
  • Wedding Anniversary's - 
    • ​​​​​​​Shirley Simmons is celebrating her 55th wedding anniversary this month!
  • Josh McLure - Josh announced the opening of a brand new Pregnancy Care Clinic location at 4130 Alpha St. San Diego, Ca 92020.  Please stop by at their "Open House" from 2:00pm - 6:00pm on January 22nd!
  • Shirley Simmons -  Shirley will be leaving for ANOTHER fun filled trip with "the girls" sailing through the Panama Canal and then ending in our own port of San Diego.  Shirley wanted us all to know that she will miss us for the rest of the month of Janaury.
  • Bob McClellan - Bob announced that his wife is taking three of his granddaughters shopping.  When someone inquired why this was worthy of a "Happy $5", Bod responded that this means he doesn't have to do it.  All of the men understood very well while the women were perplexed.  Shoot me know.
  • Ramona Bommer - Ramona was so happy to report that she had the opportunity to visit with our own Ellie Durbin while traveling through Arizona for the holidays.  She reports that Ellie is up to her old self as feisty as ever and having a great time.  Also while on the trip, Ramona was able to see Cliff Diamonds widow and reported she is doing well considering the recent loss of our beloved Cliff Diamond.
  • Carol Quidort - Carol first and foremost wanted to THANK SUSAN FERRARA and GINGER POUTOUS for a wonderfull Christmas Party.  She also announced she will be traveling in January, but happily introduced her daughter, Renee to the group indicating that Renee will be taking her place during her absence from the club.  We are all looking forward to getting to know you Renee!
  • Susan Ferrara - Susan announced that the club will be focusing on providing members with opportunities for business networking at our future meetings. Anyone interested in presenting their business to the group should touch base with Susan to arrange a time to do this.  Great idea Susan.
  • Sean Bradford - Sean has been doing a wonderful job on behalf of our club in getting us involved in International service opportunities. He announced that we have completed our work to provide $10,000 in DDF funds to the El Cajon Sunset Rotary Club for their work on the Africa Project.  GREAT GOING SEAN!
  • Steve Swaney - When asked what he would like to announce, Steve proudly announced that the El Cajon cops are still his heroes.  On a more serious note, Steve happily reported that there have been no fires caused by dry Christmas trees reported.  Further, Steve recomended that everyone make sure to get the dry trees out of their homes now to avoid the potential! 
Past Announcements &    Happy 5"s
Alison Cummings - Alison shared with us that Ginger's son, Jean, has been in the hospital for several days with a very serious and life threatening issue with his appendix.  He is in recovery now and is expected to be coming home this week.  
  • Cheryl Minshew - Cheryl will be taking some time off due to a pending surgery.  We all prey that Cheryl's surgery goes well and she recovers very quickly.  Charlie will be leading our meetings for the next few weeks.
  • Max Wright and Jamie Lundy:  Max and Jamie both commented on how nice it was to witness the recent Grant Night Dinner.  Max shared with everyone that Alexandria, head of the San Diego Youth Symphony, shared a story about our grant changing the life of a young student.  The student was taking chelo lessons when her mother and father both lost their jobs on the same day.  the family became destitute over night.  The girl wanted to become a demon on the chelo and thought her chances were a fantasy.  Our grant was used to provide the student with private chelo lessons.  with those lessons, she did become a demon on the chelo.  She was subsequently awarded a full scholarship in music to UC Berkely.  Upon graduation, she landed a job in Hollywood in the music industry and is doing very well.  All of this was due to our small Rotary grant applied in the right way.  What an amazing story.  By the way, we only had 21 Rotarians attend the Grant Night Dinner this year.  What a shame if you weren't there for the great stories! 
  • Roger Holtsclaw - Roger shared with us that his daughter asked him to speak to her class of 5th graders.  The program was called "Biz Town" and Roger shared everything about Rotary with the class.  Way to go Roger!
  • Bruce Swinford - Bruce was very proud to share with us that his son and his wife recently purchased their first home in Arizona and had a housewarming party. 
  • Kristine Costa - Kristine made a personal plea for us to support the upcoming Boys and Girls Club Auction/Stampede.  She is needing help with contributions for an Apple watch.  See Kristine if you can help!
  • Debra Emerson - Debra graciously announced that Alison Cummings was recently chosen as a finalist in the Women In Leadership awards luncheon held by the East County Chamber of Commerce.  
  • Alison Cummings - Alison also noted that Kristine Costa was also elected as a finalist at the Women In Leadership Luncheon.  Congratulations to both Alison and Kristine!
  • Joe Mackey - Joe thanked everyone who assisted in raising funds for new helmets for the Christian High School football team.  He also noted the team's record has improved to 3 and 1 on the season, and his prize quarterback is back with the team after an injury.  
  • Doug Williford - Doug is happy to be back with the club after a short hiatus and is looking forward to becoming active again with the club.  We're looking forward to seeing you too Doug!
  • Humbert Cabrera - Humbert was happy to share that his daughter has recently started classed at Santa Clara university with a full scholarship.  He also noted she is suffering a bout of the very common "home sickness" that freshman typically have.
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