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Our Club Meeting On Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Thank you to Dick Savage (Invocation & Pledge), Bev Ireland (4-Way Test), Ramona Bommer and Ellie Durbin (Song) for starting off our meeting with warmth and gusto 
Club members and guests began our meeting at Noon on Tuesday socializing and catching up with one another...
Ellie has had the opportunity to race with Roger in his Corvette and wanted one last peek under the hood before leaving for Arizona next week. We will all miss you Ellie and expect you to join us for lunch when you are visiting in the future.
You can count on Jacqueline to always greet you with a dazziling smile!
Kristine and Steve catching up as they arrive at our meeting.   
Ginger happens to have a bottle ready for Ardath. WHAT!
Josh, doing his job as our Membership Chair, introduces his daughter Ardath to her new club
A lot of volunteers, (Jean, Shirley, and Jane) ready to look after Ardath!
You would think Ellie (holding Ardath) is a very proud Grandmother!
Once socializing was done, we sat down to another great lunch at the Elks Lodge
Our Speaker
Police Chief Jeff Davis introduced officer JEFF TAYLOR, with the El Cajon Police Departments Gang Street team.
Officer Jeff Taylor
Jeff initially strikes you as someone you don't want to mess with.  How perfect for a gang officer.  But once you listen to him, you quickly see that it takes someone with great interpersonal skills and a calm demeonor, along with a no-nonsense attitude to do his job well.  
Prior to being with the El Cajon Police Department, which he clearly likes and said he would never leave before retirement, Jeff spent 21 years with the United States Navy working with Special Operations personnel as a parachute rigger and survival equipment specialist.  He also worked down in Otay Mesa with with special teams, and as he explains it, became a "wind dummy".  Of course, you might ask, what does that mean?  Well, he was the first jumper out of the plane to confirm it was safe for everyone else to jump.  I'm not going to say anything about his mental state at the time, but he made more that 400 jumps as the Wind Dummy.
With his background in parachute rigging and survival equipment, Jeff is now also desiging and manufacturing tactical gear for his fellow officers.
After his many years in the Navy, Jeff gravitated to service as a police officer.  He first joined the San Diego Police Department and subsequently transferred over to the El Cajon Police Department (ECPD) where he has been for the past 2 1/2 years.
Jeff shared a great deal of information with us about the gang presence here in the East County.  It is substantial and made up of many gangs, primarily hispanic.  He went into great detail on who these gangs are, how they operate in our community, and what is happening with them.
Jeff reviewed with us that there are a total of 5 officers serving all of El Cajon with the ECPD Gang Street Team.  These officers stay extremely busy investigation and tracking gang members and their activity.  They provide education and community outreach, and keep all of us safe from these gangs every day and night.
One serious issue that Officer Taylor mentioned was that we are seeing gang members migrating into the East County from San Diego due to the "Gang Injunction" laws that have been put in place in San Diego.  These laws make it illegal for documented gang members to associate with one another, thus preventing them from many of their planning and illegal activities.  In effect, through no fault of our own, El Cajon has become a magnet for gang members to move to, and it's very convenient for them to move here from San Diego.  Jeff reviewed that the ECPD has had someone working on the issue, but is is extremely time consuming and resource intensive.  This is a strategic issue that our City Council should be addressing to provide our police department with the needed resources to fully move forward with this very important issue.  If we don't, we risk seeing many more gang members moving into our area.  The real question is:  Do we invest in needed resources now or deal with an ever increasing gang problem later?  Should we be implementing our own "Gang Injunction" laws? 
We all would have loved to listen to Officer Taylor for far longer than time allowed.  We had time for only one or two questions before Cheryl had to step in and thank Jeff for a great talk.
If you missed Officer Taylor, you have two more meeting this month to enjoy speakers from our El Cajon Police Department.  Don't miss them!
Officer Taylor interogating a suspected gang member; our own Stu Scott.  We should have known?
Happy 5"s
  • Debra Turner - Debra is one of the most humble people you will ever meet.  Rarely, if ever, will you hear her take credit for her accomplishments.  Rather, you will hear her tell you about what a great staff she has and thank you for all of the help you provide to St Madeleine Sophie's Center. Today was no different.  Debra thanked everyone who participated in the recent, and incredibly successful, Haute with Heart Fashion Show held at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel.  If you missed it this year, you simply don't want to miss it next year.  This was truly an event to remember!
  • Alison Cummings - Alison followed Debra up with a very heart-felt and emotional tribute to Debra for "the most successful fashion show ever".  She said what we all feel about Debra - Thank you Alison!
  • Larry McKim - Larry was very happy to tell us about the very successful son (Aaron Judge) of a friend of his.  He recounted the story of young Aaron receiving a telephone call one day, and being the starting outfielder for the New York Yankees the next day.  That's not even the best part.  At his first major league at bat, he hit a HOME RUN, and the next game he hit in the game winning run!  What a great life ahead for this young man.
  • Roger Holtsclaw - Roger was excited to welcome his visiting granddaughter, 6th grader Katie Woods, to our club.  Welcome Katie!
  • Susan Ferrara - Susan was a beaming mother as she shared with us that her 35 year old son recently became an Engineer with the San Diego Fire Department.  If you do not know, the competition to be hired by a fire department in San Diego is absolutely intense.  Anyone hired has to be the best of the best, and Susan showed us how proud she is of her son on Tuesday.
  • Ellie Durbin - Ellie thanked everyone who came to "her party".  Really, this time it really was HER PARTY.  She was heartfelt in her comments and invited everyone to visit her at her new home outside of Phoenix.  She made sure to mention THE POOL
  • Jeff Davis - Our beloved Police Chief sincerely thanked everyone for the very positive community outpouring of support for the El Cajon Police Department.  Recent national events have placed a strain on many police departments across the country.  It's highly gratifying for all of us to know how much support our police department is receiving from our community.  It truly shows our police department is doing an awesome job of developing a positive relationship with the people they serve.  STOP BY AND TAKE THEM SOME COOKIES and say thank you.
  • Stu Scott - Stu shared with us that he made the trek up to San Bernardino this past weekend to watch the Chula Vista Park View Little League team win their final game to advance to the Little League World Series.  San Diego, and specifically our South Bay area,  has been extremely well represented in the Little League World Series with  4 teams making it to the World Series in the past 8 years.  Is there something in the food down there? They will be on TV at 1:00pm, Friday, August 19, 2016 for their first game of the World Series. 
Larry McKim regaling us with the story of young Aaron Judge, called up the the New York Yankees and hitting a home run in his first at-bat!  Way to go Aaron!
Club President, Cheryl Minshew made a few announcements
  • Cheryl shared with us that an article appeared in the San Diego Union Tribune on August 13th reviewing that there have been two recently uncovered cases of Polio in Nigeria.  These two cases where found in refugees fleeing the area controlled by Boko Haram.  The World Health Organization is beginning a new "masssive vaccination drive" in the area of Borno where the new cases were found.
  • Cheryl encouraged anyone that is able to attend the Rotary District Conference at Paradise Point Resort.  San Diego Police Chief Shelly Zimmerman will be the speaker.
  • Cheryl provided a list of over 100 "Rotary Fellowships" available to join and participate in.  To find out more, please contact rotaryfellowships or visit their web site at
Congratulations to Jane Sierra for being awarded her
Blue Badge.  
Alison Cummings and Cheryl Minshew welcoming Jane Sierra as our newest Blue Badge club member.  CONGRATULATIONS JANE! 
Larry McKim was the holder of the winning lottery ticket this week.  No black marble.  Good luck to our winner next week!
Welcome to the El Cajon Rotary Club!
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