Jul 14, 2020 12:00 PM
Ron Lee
Life Lessons as a professional Skydiver

Lessons of life as a professional skydiver (Motivational)

by Ron Lee

I am not yet a Rotarian, but have recently spoken by invitation at a number of Rotary clubs in San Diego County. My presentation is about lessons I have learned and epiphanies I have experienced while working as a professional demonstration skydiver for the last 34 years, parachuting in to special events for myriad clients. With several exciting and humorous stories, I describe what it means to put oneself in the position of not having the option to fail, and the incredible value we can all leverage by working and living in a risk-rich environment. My presentation includes several very short video clips of recent performances that your audiences will enjoy and gain insight and inspiration from. I close by defining in detail how one can gain by stepping outside their comfort zone.
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